Eternals ★★★★

I will say double featuring this with Dispatch (review incoming) was kind of a mistake. 

I still kinda really loved this though. Maybe not the masterpiece the MCU stans will pretend it is, but not the garbage fire I was expecting from the reception of friends and critics.

Structurally, kinda a mess, but I’m pretty glad it did something else instead of applying the same old tired structure. It also could’ve used a lot more creative control given to Zhao: the scenes that show her in charge are clearly superior to the Feige enforced never ending franchise schtick. And even though part of the problem is the writing of these sequences, getting all the trippy Celestial visuals was worth the price of going to the theater. 

Overall, I got what I wanted out of it and a bit more. The entire franchise has taken over the toy selling industry and this is primarily there for just that, but I found a lot of heart behind the product. 

Happy to say I loved it: warts and all. (Believe you me there are plenty to be found, but here, at least for me— they didn’t matter.) Was initially feeling a 4.5 but moved it down because Dispatch ended up blowing it out of the water. The review will come when I can put coherent words together.

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