Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★★★

A Quartet of Carax - Trois 

RECAPITULATION: A moving testament to art and death from a grieving man, Carax’s triumphant return to filmmaking is a stunning digital experiment with some of the best work of Lavant’s career. 

Grief consumes. A man awakes in a movie theater: the light from the projection is blinding. A window to those he loves; their beauty and their weird antics on display for a snoring audience. The id fractures itself again and again with every life in urban forests, digitized gravesites, and enacted death beds. You finally found her only to be left alone with the evidence of your entangled feelings. 

Always appointments. Visions of family and nightmares of death. Really, it’s all artifice. Do we remain after we’ve left this mortal realm? Our body, our memory, or our soul? Husbands and children are only followed by fervent, undying, and everlasting ends. Do they justify the means? We can only allow ourselves so much happiness, positivity is not a stasis, and anger always seeps back in. 

I’ll see you again. Though my dreams frighten me, I will continue on. Clouds and halos, the pearly gates may be permanently closed one day. The projected image of what follows may disappoint us in the end of it all. Walking the streets you used to walk with her, nobody goes here anymore. Who was she to do this to you? The movies we used to watch, sometimes sharing a blanket: where did she go? Where do we ever go?