Scream 2

Scream 2 ★★★★★

Craven 2

That theater teacher might be the biggest dick in a movie with not one, but two psycho killers. 

Haven’t seen in full since I watched the original trilogy for the first time, per marathon, 13/14 years ago. Not sure how I’ll feel on my revisit of the third one or my first time watching the fourth. (Might try to watch the fifth tonight, before my birthday tomorrow, if I get them all in.) However, this series while perhaps becomes lesser in fear factor and simple terror with every passing movie, it only increases the tragic feeling. 

So much of this works almost to the same fever pitched mad level of the first film. Characters lamp shading the events of the movie they were in and the movie they’re currently in. Movie theater audiences applauding and cheering for the death of a woman onscreen while another murder is happening in front of them. So many layers of good meta genre writing here and Craven goes ham with all of the sequences. 

Hard for me to even think this comes close to the original, but it does. The university setting feels like a natural progression from the small town world of the first. Set pieces in classrooms, libraries, and sorority houses. Still slightly prefer the first, due to some moments that strain my suspension for disbelief, but this is probably one of my favorite horror sequels. 

Timothy Olyphant is hot and Wes Craven is a directorial genius.