The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★


Okay, I was crazy for thinking this wasn't in my top 10, if not my absolute favorite film to this day. It easily is my favorite of the decade, and the only five star film of it. (And this is not recency bias, I've seen this film more times than any other.)

My only real nitpick is that Agatha could be the slightest bit more developed, though I don't know if that would've harmed the pacing to develop her further away from Zero/M. Gustave. My username is indeed still a reference to this film, it is a truly spectacular narrative and world that I can escape to at any time. And unlike some rewatches, this is one where I cannot help but watch the full thing every time I rewatch it. There is not a wasted moment.

Wes now has three Five Star films which is 12.5% of the current Five Star films. Every time I watch one of his movies these days, it seems that that one is my favorite film of his.

Whence came these two radiant celestial brothers, united for an instant, as they crossed the upper stratosphere of our starry window? One from the east, and one from the west.

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