Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ★★★★½

“And if there isn’t, it was heaven just knowing you.”

This movie is very characteristically McDonagh in the best ways possible. Smart humor weaved in through his most morbid film yet. There were real nuanced performances from everyone that prevented it losing its pace. The portrayal of grief and reconciliation was done with such attention and care- Frances McDormand went above and beyond being the most stubborn and relentless figure I’ve seen, and it paid off. It’s hard for me to even describe why I found this movie so moving but there was this certain air about how scenery was filmed and conversations were shot that really reeled me in. I’m excited to see what Lucas Hedges can do in a bigger role especially- his performances, although small, continue to impress me. His scene during the car ride home was great. 

Overall, amazing use of comedy (mainly through McDonagh’s quirky character traits and excessive swearing and bizarre lines), but even more amazing exploration of one’s journey to coping with and reconciling your pain. Forgiveness, whether it’s to yourself or others, is hard, and this movie shows that. The score was the topping on the cake. I never thought I could be so happy watching Sam Rockwell listening to “Chiquitita” on his iPod while playing with a toy cactus.

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