Eighth Grade

Honestly, I didn't quite enjoy the simplicity of the cinematography or the non exciting climax, it all made me feel a bit underwhelmed. To me it was more of an idea than e complete finished product, but damn, so are we when we finish eighth grade, right?
However, this movie did one thing quite right, you see, I know this girl. I've been this girl. Sure I had a couple more friends and way less confidence than Kayla (I mean, she actually went to the pool party, swam with the popular kids and sang in front of them! There's no way 13 year old me would've done any of that without a trusty friend by her side). During the whole movie I could see myself trying to look tough in front of my mom so she wouldn't feel sad, getting curious about sex stuff while also staying very far away from it and the over all awkwardness that middle school brings to our life.
So, was it all that I expected? Definetely no. Did it do it's job of bringing back memories of eighth grade for middle class college girls everywhere? Hell yeah, at least it did for me.