A Silent Voice ★★★½

Although I saw this as a ripoff of the anime masterpiece Your Name, this movie isn't that bad. Obviously, no Japanese media can ever top Your Name's beautiful love story across time, but A Silent Voice comes pretty damn close. Ishida's initial character made me hate him so much I almost turned the movie off in the first twenty minutes, but I endured and he finally began to develop into someone I could invest in and love. As far as plot goes, it's pretty standard, but that doesn't mean it's bad, either. The animation is fluent and vibrant, showing that a lot of time went into making this. I won't judge the voices as I watched the English dub, but they were okay. The only things that drag this movie down are the pacing, which is a little all over the place, and the music, which is either forgettable or out of place in the scene it's in. Apart from that, a genuinely touching and emotional love story.