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  • 1917



    The criticisms of this film being thematically empty are unfair. 1917 is not just an amazing technical achievement, but manages to capture both the grand apocalyptic scale of conflict, as well as the more personal, quiet moments of love and hope when faced with such a terrifying ordeal. I’ve never seen one of these films that look like a continuous take where I’ve been convinced that it would be any better if it had allowed itself the conventional grammar of cinema, but this style does emphasise the unflinching tension and the claustrophobia of the characters. This movie is gonna inspire some suckass one-take student films though

  • Parasite



    bong joon-holy shit

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  • Collision



    Following the publication of he late great Christopher Hitchens's infamous polemic God is Not Great, Hitch challenged anyone who disagreed with his position that Christianity is ultimately a negative influence on the world to publicly debate him. Douglas WIlson, a Presbyterian pastor and Calvinist theologian, rose to the challenge, which led to the book Is Christianity Good For the World, and the following debates on that subject, which this film documents. Essentially an intellectual road movie, Collision is a fascinating…

  • Ugetsu



    Ugetsu is a parable warning against the dangers of avarice and masculine ambition told beautifully through Mizoguchi's trademark long takes and detailed period setting. It's a ghost story, but instead of obvious scares it entices you with subtle mystery, especially through the character of Lady Wakasa. She is a strange creature, with her pale, veiled face and highly painted eyebrows, but she is still undoubtedly beautiful. Her ethereal, sensual power over the protagonist is not difficult to understand. The characters…