The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch ★★★★★

here's a bunch of random thoughts i can't bother to form into proper coherent sentences !!!!
- aneurin barnard and ashleigh cummings playing boris and pippa was one of the best casting decisions ever i think.....CHEF'S KISS! ALSO SARAH PAULSON AS XANDRA!!!!!!!!!!!
- this would have 100% worked out better as a mini series considering the way the timeline was merged messily and took away from the present moments most of the time! especially at the end!
- the pool scene............that's cinema babey!
- the ending was so........ anti-climatic it was INFURIATING how fast and rushed they seemed to go through each scene in amsterdam
- the forehead touch...................a moment most pleasing to me in my career........
- i feel like this is nowhere near as bad as critics are making it out to be.......sure she is messy and has a lot of flaws..... but it was STABLE AND GOOD ENOUGH
- though my opinion kind of means nothing because had this been absolute garbage i would’ve still adored it bc of my love for the book so! i'll go put my clown shoes on

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