Persona ★★★★½

This movie is a giant for sure, whilst I will not be able to bundle all my theories and cover all key narrative plot ideals I can safely say this film has some incredible ideas and its presentation perfectly captures its concepts through true avant-garde cinema. Now this movie is bound to appear impenetrable and headache inducing to a lot of people who watch it and that makes sense as this movie opens itself up to theories and doesn’t give you many answers. The obvious narrative themes are there of course: femininity, maternal horrors and mental illness however many narrative ideals are left for interpretation such as the male perspective on femininity or the bare differences between ourselves. This movie is saying a lot all of the time and it can be very daunting to keep up with it however if you pay attention you will hopefully find its intelligent commentaries and plot points beneath its layers of dialogue and imagery. Something else to appreciate about this movie is simply how great it looks. The framing and cinematography is gorgeous in the film and something that this movie is known for is its genius uses of lighting and shot composition. Truly ahead of its time and if this movie came out today it would still be revolutionary. There is a lot to appreciate about this movie however I would admit if you are looking for a movie to entertain this isn’t going to keep you hooked however I believe the reflection and thoughts this film can leave you is the most valuable.