Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

This is going to be as gross and hyperbolic as I can get on this app, but it’s undeniable: Everything Everywhere All At Once is an earth-shattering, tour de force spectacle. I truly believe Daniels have just redefined cinema language as we know it. 

This is one of the most wholly inventive, original, and singular pieces of film. I’m actually shocked that something from 2022 could create such an immediate and legendary impact on viewers. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, this masterpiece grabs you by the cheeks and yells into your mouth “HEY CHECK THIS SHIT OUT.”

The film defies every genre and expectation yet somehow seems entirely what every movie should feel like. It’s the best parts of all your favorite movies thrown into one, topped off with a “didn’t know movies could do that” cherry on top. 

It goes without saying that every detail of this movie is in peak form. As a below the line worker in the business who thought I knew how the sausage gets made, I can truly say I have NO FUCKING CLUE how a majority of this movie was conceived and executed. Given it’s indie label & budgetary limitations, it’s successes are nearly unfathomable. 

This movie is going to inspire so many people and it’s going to fuel the creatives in town to think more outside the box. Daniels have been very quietly changing the game for a while now, and this is their absolute mic drop moment. People are going to take notice this time around. 

This is the magnum opus contemporary cinema has been waiting for. Academics, critics, cinephiles, artists, and audiences are going to have richly layered conversations about this movie for a long, long time. It’s hysterical, suspenseful, action packed, wickedly paced, and has a beautiful big fucking beating heart at the center to bring it all home. This is a movie where two existential sentient boulders can reduce even the most strong willed to tears.  

The hype is beyond real, this flick is the game changer it’s been built up to be. I can’t wait to see its impact unfold in real time. 

Michelle Yeoh is everything.

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