American Honey

American Honey ★★★★

//*Dream Baby Dream*//

Very intimate film. We spend a crazy amount of time focused on Star's face throughout and I think it links to the broader idea of independence that the film's trying to convey – we're constantly teased with the very real possibility that she's gonna have to make it on her own, that her connections are fleeting, or that she'll be abandoned at a gas station. In contrast, we don't really get to know *any* other characters – we have no idea why Jack serves Krystal so diligently, or why he gets violent at the prospect of Star sleeping with the oil man. The film's penultimate scene hints at that multiplicity: we pan shakily round the van and see all the other faces, prompted to think about all the other story's like Star's.

I loved the throughline of Star helping and saving animals, especially when contrasted with the gang stealing the dog (who stuffed in a seat and gets high).

There was a tension to all of Star's encounters that I found really compelling too – are the rodeo guys going to kidnap her? Where is the trucker taking her? Will the oil man let her leave?

Additionally, this film does sex scenes reeeally well – it could've just been Sasha Lane and Shia LaBoeuf's chemistry, but I really bought their romance and their attraction. The shot of Star opening her eyes with her head against Jack's chest in the blue evening really stuck with me (along with lot's of other shots – this is a beautiful film!) Really sold on this film – I think it'll stick with me and I can't wait for a rewatch in the future. Will also revisit this review when I have more to say.

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