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  • The Room

    The Room

    There is no shadow of a doubt. This movie is bad. However, I will always remember it more than a lot of best picture winners (even if I like those films more) and I will watch this a lot more times than half the blockbusters from last year. I believe that says something about the strange uniqueness and timelessness of The Room that continues to attract the attention of many people. There is also something to be said about how…

  • Glass



    If I had to describe this film with just one word, it'd be underwhelming.
    As a big fan of Unbreakable I was really looking forward to Glass. So naturally, it is possible my expectations were a little high. For the first 30 minutes I was really enjoying it, thinking "What movie did the critics see? this is a lot of fun". But as the movie progressed something did not feel right. It was as if the plot and the buildup…