Secret Millionaire ★★★★

I’ve watched plenty of Hallmark movies over in Movies 24. Cheesy romance is my guilty pleasure. 
Secret Millionaire is what it says on the tin, when a women is protesting against the heir to companies father. He finds her hiding beside he’s car but she doesn’t expect her to be the Peytons she against and she thinks he’s a valet so he goes along with it. 
He doesn’t like what he’s father is doing and doesn’t want to run the business when he retires. He sees that this is a chance to be himself not the heir and do what he passionate about working a normal wage and helps the women protest against the Park getting turned into buildings.
I love how he fights to save the park and he doesn’t care about the business. But with everything happening they start to fall in love with each other as they see they have a lot in common, but she doesn’t know he’s a Peyton what will she do? 
You got to go and watch it on Movies24.