2046 ★★★½

Nobody can create the saddened and lathargic romance like Wong Kar Wai, and honestly nobody should because nothing can come close to his creation of the genre. Through using the visuals, actors, and music, the worlds of the director's romances find perfection, and by finding the perfect mix between the three factors, Wong Kar Wai settles himself as a perfect director.

Now while this is mostly the case for In the Mood for Love, it is also the case with 2046, except with some included problems. With Chow's life continuing after Su's departure from his life. The whole film is about letting go of the past, through Chow's new romances and through his science fiction story "2046" about a place where people go to regain their past. It is all very grand and very beautiful, but it sometimes feels too much.

I think the perfected romance of Wong Kar Wai does best in simplicity. That is what In the Mood for Love is; a simple perfection. With 2046, the same tonal romance is put into too many plot lines and excessive philosophical science fiction, to the point where it tries to do too much for its tone which seems to only support non-complex storylines. It all just creates some confusion and makes it feel somewhat unrealized as a film which wants to do a lot more.

Nevertheless, 2046 is a low-key beauty, that just comes off as not completely fulfilled.