Primer ★★★½

I must admit this movie should be, and so far apparently is on its way to becoming a game changing sci-fi film. The way it handles its mystique and well, just the science of it is fantastic. In the first half of the film, which is primarily them building and testing their machine, the dialogue is fantastic. You barely understand a word they are saying, but the way these guys talk casually about their work creates this realism about the science presented to you in a way that has never been done before. It is simplistic yet the exact opposite all at once. Unfortunately people don't lie that it is nearly impossible to understand what is happening in the final 15 minutes, and that really took me out of it. Before this 'twist' of sorts I was really into the movie and its scientific realism, but it demolished most of that. Still there is no denying how great this movie is for its stringshoe budget and how great it is in its sci-fi realistic mystery. It is quite... something.