Satantango ★★★★

My god, what can I say I’m lost of words.

Béla Tarr’s film Satantango is gritty and bleak, that’s how I’m describing this film, there is no other description I can say except for that. 2nd film of the month and this tops it off. 

Béla Tarr pulled off some of the most beautiful long shots, but there was one I had a problem with. And that was the cows, I see what he was doing but come on. That shot doesn’t ruin it to be a masterpiece though, it just was my only problem. 

Been the longest day watching this, and it’s now officially been the longest film I have seen.

Satantango comes out to be such a beautiful film, with the most beautiful score I have ever heard. I already know Béla Tarr worked so hard on this film. 

I already know what’s gonna be said from a friend of mine, that I’m “pretentious” but it wouldn’t matter to me. 

I think that’s all I got for this masterpiece of a film, because I’m in shock. And now I can say that I have watched Satantango. 

Think it’s time to go back to sleep

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