Hush ★★★½

“Isolation happened to me. I didn’t pick it.”

Mike Flanagan’s Hush is about deaf writer Maddie, who retreated into the woods and must fight for her life when a masked killer appears. 

I enjoyed Hush, I think that it was an interesting take on the home invasion genre. I like how stripped back everything felt, it’s set in one place, there are only a couple of actors, and it happens over the course of one night. I think Kate Siegel had a solid performance as Maddie, I can’t say if she portrayed being deaf well as I am not deaf and it’s not my place to say. I had a lot of fun with this film and cheered whenever Maddie got a leg up over the guy.

I only have a few criticisms of this film, the first one being that I wish they guy didn’t take off his mask as early in the film that he did. It could have been a great way to build mystery and make the audience question: who is this guy? And why does he wear that mask? I dunno, these were just some ideas I had. 

I think there have been a slight theme of isolation in Hush. Maddie feels isolated because of her deafness, not many people know ASL and want to learn it, which makes communicating hard. The quote above is what Maddie said about how she feels about isolation.

Mike Flanagan has been hinting about Midnight Mass for a while now, Maddie is actually the author of the story in Flanagan’s film universe. I’m very pumped to see it. I will most likely rewatch this again in the future, I had a lot of fun.

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