Raja Raja Chora

Raja Raja Chora ★★★

Hasith Goli's Raja Raja Chora has a great first half, a near to perfect laugh riot with Sree Vishnu, along with the other cast killing it. While the second half kinda feels heavy, Hasith's smart writing, supplemented by Vivek Sagar's amazing score elevate the proceedings saving the film from misfiring. The first half itself kinda feels like a separate movie with the staging and blocking. The later portion, though feels melodramatic and the story getting kinda sidelined, sails smooth, and the climax was definitely satisfying ! Loved how Hasith used tropes like integrating popular Telugu festivals like Mahashivratri, Ugadi and Shri Ramanavami, in apt times during the progress of the film, and indicating the chronology. This one's a fine watch!

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