Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★½

- Jesus Christ. What happened to you?
- In-laws.

Unexpectedly genius, Ready or Not is a prime example of how excellent the horror/comedy genre can be when executed right. It’s hilarious in its entirety, whilst taking the horror aspects equally as seriously — the kills are gory enough to leave you cringing, yet totally silly and fun. The plot itself is quite inventive - it utilises other horror clichés, but in a fresher way, to really amp up the intensity and stake. There isn’t any moment that plays it too safe; throughout the run-time, there is non-stop action, comedy, and thrill, epitomised by the bizarre, yet genius, finale. The character dynamics are well-crafted, and no one goes to waste, but Weaving is absolutely delightful in the lead-role. She nails the emotions and reactions, and delivers some especially funny retorts. Ready or Not deserves more appreciation for it’s cleverness and refreshing charm.

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