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  • Kind Hearts and Coronets

    Kind Hearts and Coronets


    One of the undisputed masterpieces of British comedy, 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' is a masterful dark satire and is often considered the greatest of the Ealing comedies. The story of a man in Edwardian England who sets about murdering all the members of an aristocratic family in order to inherit the title denied him by their cruel treatment of his dead mother, 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' is perhaps best remembered for the multiple roles played by Alec Guiness. Guiness plays…

  • Falling Hare

    Falling Hare


    Bob Clampett’s ‘Falling Hare’ is one of the greatest Bugs Bunny cartoons ever made. Part of the fascinating sub-genre of “Bugs as loser” cartoons, ‘Falling Hare’ sees Bugs being terrorised by a little gremlin for seven minutes. Far from a gentle needling, the gremlin puts Bugs in genuine fear of his life as he is imprisoned on a plummeting aircraft. Deceptively cute, the gremlin’s nonchalance makes his psychopathic intentions all the more disturbing. He chuckles to the tune of ‘Yankee…