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  • Gemini



    Absolutely downright riveting from minute 1 to minute 50.  The last 40 minutes aren’t nearly as strong handed but it doesn’t mean too much to me considering the film is drop dead gorgeous. The camera movements are smoother than a baby’s ass. The colors, the composition. Bloody brilliance. The score? Oh my god. This slaps you in the face to another dimension. Chinatown meets trap. It’s such a cool, unique little noir gem(INI) of a movie even if the ending takes a tumble I somehow can forgive it.

  • Too Old to Die Young: North of Hollywood, West of Hell

    Too Old to Die Young: North of Hollywood, West of Hell


    This is some of the most original, riveting yet cool and collected “filmmaking” I have ever seen first and foremost but for television standards? Absolutely jaw dropping. This “film” has been such a fucking trip. Nicolas Winding Refn takes everything he has learned in his career, abstract to cohesive, and places it into this monstrous 13 hour epic. These 2 episodes especially 5 had my eyes melting out of my eye sockets. So excited to see where this beast of a “film” takes me. Expect a full ass review when i completely finish this.

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  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    People gasping with disgust, people grabbing their mouths, people walking out of my theater. Glitter and blood. Lights and hair. Possession and innocence. Trickery and manipulation. Sex and gore. Intensity and disturbing. Shocking and grotesque. Violation and demonic. Neon and violent. Sexy and insane. Real and fake. Red and blue. Green and yellow. My afterthoughts are trailed with disgust. I never have witnessed such a shocking and divisive movie. A couple days and a rewatch is what needs to be…

  • It Comes at Night

    It Comes at Night


    Fuckin Mother Mary Of Joseph. 

    My blood was boiling, my heart was bumping, my eyes were shooting, and my penis was tingling. This movie is going to piss off some people and this movie is going to make some people the happiest little schoolboys and girls in the world. I need to watch this shit again right the fuck now.