Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★★

Bobs. Bitch. Tits. 

Yeah that's right, I saw fucking Fight Club in theaters tonight. FIGHT CLUB ON THE BIG SCREEN. I literally almost shit myself the entire time. I've always enjoyed it's structure and feel but didn't really connect to it.. Until tonight. 

It moved up from a 4 to a 5. Being able to 100% completely zone out the world and watch this film in its entirety in a theater like it was in 1999 was what really made my eyes open. I sat there and it hit me like a fucking train. This is a masterpiece. It's timeless. It is the definition of inventive filmmaking. And the underlaying message is ALWAYS going to be relevant. 

The movies message is more relevant than ever with today's generation and frankly I think this movies legacy will last forever. Corporate bullshit, society ruling you, and living on the edge. Fighting is a metaphor. A release. It's what brings these men together and forms a coalition to point a middle finger at big brother and say "Fuck You." 

The editing and screenplay are a breed of its own. This is Fincher at his most disposable. He knows what he has in his hands and pulls off the anarchy and mayhem so diligently. Fight Club is one of those movies that continues to blow my head right open with its subliminal imagery and thought provoking metaphorical filmmaking choices and intense screenplay and acting. All the right touches. One of the fucking best. 

I can't end this without mentioning how incredible the ending is. It honestly makes my jaw drop everytime. And with Where Is My Mind perfectly encapsulating the mood during the finale, you can't help but be utterally and impressively  blown away.

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