Midsommar ★★★★★

Opening with STILL one of the most unsettling 10 minutes I’ve ever seen in a film, literal impending doom lingering within every single shot. I remember seeing this for the first time almost one year ago and mine & many others reactions in the theater were so unforgettable. I remember my mouth dropped on the floor during that Attestupan scene (One of the most powerfully paced scenes in a horror film) and how I started inexplicably crying in the last 5 minutes?? That ending just screams cathartic. It is still so epic, so audacious, and so fucking absurd. The music with the visuals that we are seeing are unlike anything else I’ve felt in some time. Simply put, one of my favorite endings to a film. Period. Dot. Exclamation point. No commas. Florence Pugh as Dani is a treasure.

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