Sorcerer ★★★★½

A stampede of trials and the horrors of the jungle, Sorcerer Is one film I've been dying to watch and I found the now out of print bluray and watched the shit out of it..

Friedkins directing is out of control. He's a master at directing tension biting scenes that make you just gasp for air and this film is no exception. Starting off with a bang, it takes time to showcase its slimey characters that we soon will root for and by the time the real story unfolds, the audience has no choice but to brace for impact. 

This film doesn't disappoint. It's jungle atmosphere and sticky humid air feeling it leaves while watching just engrosses the viewer more and more. It's a masterpiece of jungle terror and truly a spectacle that even for its 70s release, is still very shocking. I'm blown away by how they obtained some of the shots. Most notably a bridge scene. I cannot commend this film enough. 

An annihilation on the eyes with its surrealism and often horrifying look at its prepetual building suspension, Sorcerer is an experience that you'll walk away from being shocked.

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