Suspiria ★★★★★

Dancing with the devils and the powers they touch you with from your hard boiled passions. Such a beautifully demented fever dream tale of fire burning in the eyes of a girl who wants it all and in that reign of world I 100% can get behind who Susie Bannion is and what she believes. Few movies will I go out of my way and my sleep to watch again in the span of 2 days especially with hefty as fuck runtimes, but I would be damned to the bowls of the Marko Dance Academy if I didn’t say this movie has such a hypnotic quality that makes you get on your knees wanting more and more, begging you to not blink and experience. It will leave an impact on you, no fucking doubt in my head. This movie doesn’t ask, it TELLS you to watch it again. The most perplexing, eye watering film of the year that does exactly what the original did to me. An assault on your senses in the most Luca way possible, completely contrasted to what Dario did to me with the OG. Truly a cinematic landmark no bullshit. This will go down as a fucking classic and we are all witnesses to Luca’s gorgeous beauty behind his madness. And I want to watch it again right the fuck now.

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