Carol ★★★★★

Well its always nice to see something like this isn't it. An almost perfect understated love story, that looks amazing, sounds amazing, has outstanding acting, like I say, almost perfect.

Our story concerns two women in 1950's New York, a young shop assistant and a wealthy divorcee, and who fall in love quite rapidly after a chance encounter. I won't say anything more cos its best to experience it first hand, but its very quiet, very understated, nothing is shoved into your face, and I think thats the perfect way to tell this story. A glance between two character tells more than a thousand words could.

A big part of that is the great script, romance, and chemistry between Mara and Blanchett. Without this in fact, the movie wouldn't work, but it does. I don't wanna say more about this neither in case I spoil it.

It also looks amazing, the shots, cinematography, almost everything in the movie looks fantastic. The music gets it as well, though its not at all overbearing.

So yeah, its nearly perfect in what it sets out to do, a perfect love story, and highly recommended.

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