Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★★★

It’s been a long time since a horror film has creeped me out this much. Black Christmas might be the beginning of the modern slasher and it certainly inspired most of those to come.

The simple story of a home invasion is brilliantly told and features competent characters with real problems including one of the best final girls in horror history. There are scenes that are terrifying to watch, like the phone calls for example that send shivers down my back. The last 30 minutes had me on edge for the whole time and this has one of the most memorable endings that still has you in its grip while the credits are rolling. I just sat there in disbelief of how great that ending was.

The editing and camera work add much to the scare factor of the movie. The POV-shots of the killer with his breathing was frightening and is surely something that inspired Halloween four years later. One shot featuring an eye and a door was especially my favorite, because it struck so much terror into me. Furthermore most of the kills are pretty well done and iconic.

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