Primer ★★★½

Shane Carruth, oh I hate thee...You made my brain melt
I watched Primer a few hours ago and its taken until now for me to gather any semblance of thought.
Where to start, well, when I first finished watching I thought it was garbage, just a total incoherent mess.I felt like I had been a fly on the wall in some engineers lab listening in to 'geekspeak'. In a world where they spoke english, but not any english I could follow or understand. At about the hour point I thought I was just about 'getting it' and then 'whoosh'
But after a few hours later it kept nagging at me, and the more I thought the more it seemed like a very intricate puzzle,so I rewatched it.and even though I was still very confused A LOT made sense.
Considering this was made for $7000 , its amazing, a pure science fiction time travel movie that is bristling with so many ideas , its hard to keep up.
Now i think i need to go re watch Primer just one more time.....

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