Dunkirk ★★★★

Dunkirk is an at once epic and intimate, and thoroughly intense and immersive film about the evacuation from Dunkirk. It is a film about survival, and those small, important acts of decency and heroism. There's a crunching bleakness and realism running through it, the feeling of hopelessness is palpable. It is a feast for the eyes and told with barely any dialogue, but everything is conveyed beautifully through visuals and the desperation of the men. The structure with the three different timelines and perspectives can feel quite overly complicated at times, but it comes together rather well, and the pacing coupled with the amazing sound effects and Hans Zimmer's score keeps the viewer constantly on the edge of the seat - the apocalyptic clock is ticking and the danger is looming. You never really see the enemies, but they have an ominous, oppressive presence that makes the experience more claustrophobic and intense. Not completely blown away, maybe because I went with sky-high expectations, but its still one well-crafted audiovisual and tense-fueled experience. Hope this one holds up on a rewatch.

And yes... Harry Styles delivers a good performance...

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