Naked ★★★★★

A dark, honest, raw and unflinching film about alienation, social relations and existence, and a film that hit a perfect mix of hilarious dark humor and existentialistic tones that really spoke to me. The cinematography looks great with many brilliant shots throughout, the subtle score is powerful, and the direction perfectly naturalistic, but what takes this film to a higher level is the brilliantly well-written, witty and sharp dialogue and the very intriguing and nihilistic character of Johnny (and ofc the performance behind it). I could listen to Johnny all day with his beautiful accent talking about the past present and future, how he's never bored, the existence of God and so on. And what a performance by Thewlis, probably one of my new favorites of all time. He perfectly portrays the simultaneously repulsive, brutally honest, but also charming and somewhat sympathetic Johnny. There's so many great scenes and strange encounters throughout, but I loved the scene with the security guard, and that last shot was perfect. I loved Naked, what a wonderful film. It even has a Psycho reference!

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