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  • mother!



    jennifer lawrence looking like a deer in the headlights for two hours

  • Joker



    holy fuck

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  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    okay so this is a film that definitely needs a re-watch.

    as stated previously i am not the biggest fan of majority of tarantino’s work but i do enjoy these epics where he attempts to change history and fuck with these evil people of the past.

    i enjoyed it so much more the second time because i knew of the slow pacing and the build up. it makes more sense and therefore i loved it more.

    also leo and brad…

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    bit of a mess......... 

     just a bit disappointed after the first one was really enjoyable and fun. this one just felt long and a bit stupid at times. the CGI and over the top jump scares made me physically role my eyes at points. 

    some of the scares and the purpose behind them also felt extremely cliche and frustrating. also sometimes our leads over-act and have no chemistry... besides from...

    BILL!! HADER!! he saved the entire thing and is by…