CODA ★★★½

Siân Heder created a space for the deaf community to be truly represented in the media. CODA is a charming story that lightly graces the screen with heart. 

It’s a predictable film, one that unfortunately runs on a formula. We have seen these situations play out many times, and I felt myself quite detached. The only difference is the inclusion of the deaf community; feeling as if it was able to get away with this repeated narrative by adding in a minority. 

And it worked.

I truly do see the merit in a film like this, as it did receive a lot of praise from the deaf community themselves. Despite some flaws in certain portrayals noted by the community, who am I say that Heder didn’t present them well or that I had wished she could’ve done more with them? Heder creating a film around a deaf family and having a good chunk of it in sign is more than one can ask for, and to tell it in such a simple way has benefitted her and its purpose. Despite me not connecting deeply because of its formulaic narrative and overt emotionally charged scenes, I do commend it and left with a deeper appreciation. 

It is still great aside from my distaste for the genre, and I hope to see more of it hit the screens.

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