Children of Heaven

Children of Heaven

Children of Heaven is the story of Ali, a boy who lost his little sister's shoes and doesn't have money to buy her a new pair. This movie reminded me a lot of Where Is the Friend's Home? and now I'm 100% sure that the best movies about childhood can be found in iranian cinema, the way they portray kids experiencing guilt and the want and need of fixing their mistakes but being unable to is always heartbreaking.

The idea of this movie is so simple, it's a pair shoes after all but it's told in such a compelling way that it becomes something bigger and more beautiful. The brotherhood the two main characters have is so sweet, you feel Ali's pain and you also wish you could help him to get shoes for his little sister. It's full of innocence, love, pain and courage, the last minutes broke me.

If you don't believe me about how iranian filmmakers can take the simplest concept and make it into something so complex and sad so far they've made me cry over a notebook, a window and now shoes.

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