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  • Long Shot

    Long Shot


    every time they kiss they hold each other’s faces and it’s just FUCKING SWEET MAN

  • Juno



    mannn what a script 💙

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  • Hustlers



    Thank you Constance Wu
    Thank you Jennifer Lopez
    Thank you Keke Palmer
    Thank you Lili Reinhart
    Thank you Lizzo
    Thank you Cardi B

    Thank you Destiny
    Thank you Ramona
    Thank you Mercedes
    Thank you Annabelle
    Thank you Liz
    Thank you Diamond

    thank you for being our heros.


    ok but real talk,
    the classical music moments: art.
    j lo’s pole dancing: art.  
    the editing: art. 
    the last line of the script: art. 
    again, the classical music: art!


    ps: if…

  • Up


    michael giacchino is a master ok
    this isn’t news but the whole married life sequence and song is so brilliant
    it’s the same melodic hook played over and over but throughout the scene it changes instruments, speeds, and/or octives based on what’s happening in the scene to portray whatever emotion is depicted onscreen and it’s the SAME MELODY but all those changes shift the entire TONE
    sing the melody fast and it’s all fun and cute and then sing it slow and in the octive above,,,BYE