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  • Crimes of the Future

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  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I wish we saw a higher level of madness because the atmosphere was infused with exciting and terrifying details starting with the casting we had seen in previous thrillers/horror/strange films (Kristen Stewart in Twilight, Scott Speedman in Underworld, Don McKellar in Exotica , Lea Seydoux in The Lobster) to the idealistic, high-level and astonishing technical aspects used here, ending with the importance of the subject that Cronenberg tried to address in this film, But he decided to focus on a…

  • Wolf Girl

    Wolf Girl

    A heart-warming film about friendship and family from the perspective of three children who are completely different in their levels of intelligence and concerns. It was nice in the part that dealt with daily life, scary about the circus, and amazing at its end. It really captivated me.
    If you want the movie, you can find it here
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  • 20th Century Nostalgia

    20th Century Nostalgia

    I extracted the Chinese subtitle from YouTube and then converted them into English, the English sub is considered a poor and inaccurate translation because it is automatically converted, so I ask you all to help me improve this translation so that we can release the film to the world and free it from its local restrictions, it's a unique and valuable film that has been looking for appreciation for many years If you are interest in translating and you're fluent in Japanese and English, contact me at: Gmail
    English subtitles

    I will appreciate all your help guys, thank you

  • Spencer


    "اللعنة على الأطباء، انتِ تحتاجين إلى الحب، الصدمة و الكثير من الضحك."

    ان حركاتك و كلماتك مو محسوبه ضدك نعمة، انك تقدر تغلط وتتعلم وتعدل بدون محد يكون يترصد لك نعمة، انك تقدر تتكلم مع الناس نعمة، انك تقدر تعيش يومك وتتفاعل مع اصحابك واهلك نعمة، ان تكون لا أحد نعمة.