28 year old cinephile from Seattle, WA πŸ’Œ
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Favorite films

  • The Night of the Iguana
  • The Switchblade Sisters
  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
  • Lola MontΓ¨s

Recent activity

  • Donnie Darko


  • Practical Magic


  • Young Frankenstein


  • Dracula


Recent reviews

  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko


    For everybody who says this movie doesn’t make sense or isn’t about anything: Donnie Darko is a paranoid schizophrenic who can see into the future because his hallucinations allow him to tap into a wormhole. He then chooses to go back in time and sacrifice himself to save Gretchen. That’s it. That’s what it’s about.Β 

    Personally, I think the reason this movie resonates with so many people is that it really captures what it feels like be a depressed teenager…

  • Practical Magic

    Practical Magic


    I’ve said once, I say it every year, but I’ll say it again : The hair extensions in this movie deserve recognition and award, as they are the most deliciously thick, luscious hair extensions I have ever seen 😍

    A fact about I love about this movie: it was filmed in Coupville, WA! Out on Whidbey Island! Also, the production designer of this film is a woman named Robin Standefer who went on to become a highly sought after interior…

Popular reviews

  • Point Break

    Point Break


    As I sit here and watch Point Break once again, I am overwhelmed with how perfect this movie is. It is a great example of a director using incredibly clear, concise visual language to tell a story that is both absurd and improbable. At no point does the film question why any of this is happening. Why surfers would choose to rob banks, why Keanu Reeves is convinced of Gary Busey’s theory almost immediately, why Lori Petty would choose to…

  • Her Smell

    Her Smell


    I noticed a lot of male reviewers weighing in saying they didn’t like this movie. Interesting that a male audience wouldn’t appreciate a movie about complex female relationships. πŸ€”

    Her Smell was not another paint-by-numbers rock biopic (unlike a certain hyper-masculine recent Netflix original). It really functioned more as series of vignettes, with characters delivering long, Shakespearean monologues. With the riot grrl movement happening almost in the background. It’s a movie that has very little exposition, it just drops your…