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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    My house, my rules and my crippling caffeine addiction. 

    So throughout 2020 I was DYING to watch this film. I set reminders, sent emails to myself, scoured every corner of Netflix to look for it etc etc. I also avoided any kinds of trailers, screenshots and possible spoilers because I wanted to jump right into watching Knives Out. 

    And guess what? All of it was worth it. 
    Since I didn’t know how much screen time each character got, everyone was…

  • Tenet



    It's such a cool story about- *train whooshes by*
    I really liked it when the guy- *plane flies overhead*
    I saw it coming when- *explosion goes off in the distance*

    At first I thought that the story would have a lot of symmetry and mirrors and stuff, given the whole theme and 'Tenet' being a palindrome etc etc.
    I was also convinced that I had ruined the experience of watching this film because I had tried to avoid everything -…

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  • Black Panther

    Black Panther

    Rest in peace Chadwick. Thank you for giving us one of the coolest, most complex and inspiring superheroes. 
    Wakanda forever!!

  • Aquaman 2

    Aquaman 2

    I’d watch, but Amber Heard is in this :/