Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★

(don’t worry i didn’t watch this at 10am this is from last night lol) i feel like i need more time to process how this movie made me feel. i kept like flinching but not in a bad way, it was just because a lot of the portrayals of trauma and how it residually affects your relationships felt really real and uncomfortabe. i loved christina ricci’s character, i think her warmth and ability to see the good in people was very sweet and she played it really well. also that blue eyeshadow! again, i didn’t love how the women in this existed as sort of props to vincent gallo’s story, but i do think ricci brought a level of depth to a character that wasn’t really given any. also tj mentioned that it’s literally about vincent gallo so he probably has sort of a main character syndrome that bled into that. i caught that vibe in brown bunny too, like u can tell he’s an unreliable narrator. i think i’ll want to rewatch this, it gave me a lot of thoughts tease out :)

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