Afflicted ★★★

A sort of travelogue twist on a horror genre perennial, Afflicted is an energetic and intermittently effective found footage film which uses the Chronicle template to document a horrific physical transformation, and spiralling descent into torment and terror. Derek Lee and Clif Prowse certainly don't lack ambition, taking on the multiple roles of writers, directors and stars of their debut feature. Essentially playing themselves documenting their round the world trip, which soon takes a horrific turn during a drunken night in Paris, leading to Derek waking up covered in blood, and beginning a striking physical metamorphosis which goes from deterioration and decay to something far more sinister and supernatural.
Afflicted certainly has an interesting set up as it charts an increasingly terrible predicament, and whilst it's a cut above a lot of the usual derivative found footage genre offerings, it does sort of run out of steam towards the end, shedding logic and justification as to why the cameras keep rolling as our protagonist's plight becomes ever more macabre, as the shakycam visuals and self-shot format gets more intrusive and annoying, but for much of its duration it's a terror trip worth getting onboard.

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