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This review may contain spoilers.

If I'm being honest I think this is both a bit hollow and still the best take on the "revenge" genre I've seen. Did I like it because it was good or because I never see these conversations on film? I don't know yet. I know my friends and I had thoughtful discussions after. I loved the stare at the construction workers. And for me, the scene with McLovin backing up insisting he "is a good guy" was validating to watch as someone who experienced some shitbag do it firsthand. Maybe it won't be for others. Idk, I'm really only interested in women's takes on this.

I do think Cassie using manipulation, especially towards two certain characters was dark. I worry about that getting conflated with the "badass" sell of the story. But imo that's more the trailer and the wink at the end. 95% of the movie, we pity her. I keep coming back to the Molly Shannon scene. Where the only person we could expect to be angrier than Cassie tells her her vengeance is tired.

Her death was dark. But what else would have been a satisfying ending for her character? We were told over and over she is willing to go to horrible ends. She pushed and pushed and put herself in dangerous situations and she knew it. And we know, and she knows, what he was capable of. Some parts of the movie felt ridiculous but her fear of violence in Molina's home and when the handcuffs break are the most realistic part of the movie.

She's a tragic lead. She met a tragic end. There's no scenario where she doesn't sacrifice herself for Nia. She's been doing it for 7 years.

Anyway. Anyone else watch this and think "Ok he's not Schmidt he's not Schmidt he can play other people" but then Max Greenfield says "whyisthere adead STRIPPER inthebed!!!" and all it's missing is NEHCK.

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