2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

When the end credits rolled up I thought to my self "What the fuck did I just watch?". This, because the story made no sense to me and was mind-boggling beyond belief. But (after I put together my brain) I scrounged the web for some answers. I read some analysis and watched a couple of videos, and when I sat down and processed it, I thought: "What a wonderful, masterful, sci-fi epic.".

Everybody knows how well done the films is made technically so there's no need to mention it, I would just like to comment on how this film is meant to serve its viewer. Most of the film is left to your imagination and is the perfect example of "show don't tell". The fact that I haven't quite settled for my own interpretation yet, gives you an idea, but I might add that I (mildy embarassed) have only watched this piece once. And it should be watched multiple(!) times to finish the puzzle.

Its theme and style is larger than life, so get ready and enjoy a trip into the outer- and inner space as experienced never before.