Dune ★★★

Dune is a big old mess and I appreciate it a lot.

The movie throws you into its world and while it tries its best to explain you how it works, you're pretty much left on your own to figure out why certain things happen or what they mean.

The script is a lot of confusing exposition and unnecessary explaining, but the story itself is so unique that you reamain engaged even as you groan at some of the storytelling choices.

There is a longer cut (which David Lynch disowned) that actually isn't that bad and adds and explains a lot of stuff, but it also removes some other stuff and is rather poorly put together. Both versions are about just as good in my opinion.

The effects range from cheap-looking to incredibly impressive. Every shot of the giant worms is absolutely jaw-dropping in just how masterfully the massive scale of those things is conveyed. The sets and costumes are in a weird place between ugly and beautiful. It looks incredible nonetheless.

For a movie that's often described as a love-it-or-hate-it film, it's a lot easier to fall in the middle. It's very flawed, but it's also very impressive and entertaining in a way that, while not necessarily doing justice to its source material, keeps me coming back to it. I'm very excited for the new one.

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