The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

I'm a bit conflicted but also really impressed. I guess it's technically my least favorite Robert Eggers movie, and yet it's still really damn good. Much more straightforward than his previous films, The Northman is a brutal, beautifully directed story of revenge that arrives pretty much where you'd expect, but takes some seriously unexpected turns along the way.

Because this legend has been around for so long and has inspired countless of famous stories, which in turn have inspired even more famous stories, it will probably feel like you've already seen this before, but that never really takes away from the spectacle.

You really have to put yourself in the place of young viking child, being told this as a bedtime story by your burly bearded viking father and being wowed by the all the magic and beheading. That may sound oddly specific, but to be fair, the film does a pretty good job at making you feel like that.

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