Midsommar ★★★

This is... quite something, but I think I can say it's one of the bigger disappointments of the year for me.

I'm always a bit prepared for a slow burner for 140+ minute films, but it is really tested here. My best description of this would be that it's surprisingly funny and intriguing at the start and then starts to transition into long, uninteresting scenes peppered in with ones spike your interest. Finally culminating on yet another "dumb" ending; essentially mirroring Hereditary without the good parts before it.

People shat on the Suspiria remake, but I don't think these are too far off. They're both films with high peaks, but not enough to carry it to the finish line. The only difference is Suspiria accomplishes the ability to evoke the pure enthrallment that I suspect Midsommar wanted to do.

I'll give credit where credit is due, there is great acting and cinematography in this, which seems to be Ari's staple (really does love head shots). It's a technically competent film besides the pacing, but doesn't leave me in that state of hauntedness that I was looking for.

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