Parasite ★★★★★

I had such high expectations for this film considering the hype and Bong Joon-Ho smashes it out of the fucking park with Parasite. My only regret is not going in as blind as possible about it.

A biting satire that puts the class divide, a topic that Korean films love to dive into, on full display. It’s delicately effective, being overt for comedic purposes without undermining the tone and seriousness of the film. The shifts jump from scene to scene and vary from a stealthily creep to out of nowhere but they never feel out of place, always feeling interwoven and natural in the course of the lengthy (but not felt) runtime. 

A story of a needy family intermingling with a bountiful one seems like a packed party, but everyone has a quirk to them that keeps you glued to each one of them. Each family’s “counterpart” matches up well, especially the two patriarchs, where I absolutely loved their stinging exchanges in the presence of one another.

It’s a beaut to look at and is indulgently entertaining with a meaning behind it, something that is so much easier said than done. An easy choice to put as my favorite movie of 2019.

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