Skyfall ★★★★★

i had a very palpable memory of renting this at blockbuster as soon as it came to dvd. i figure that should've been at the start of 2013, which means i was only 9.

and i remember i consciously chose to take home skyfall solely because of how good the poster was and because i had a very bare knowledge of who the character of james bond was thanks to parodies and spoofs in kids media. he seemed like a cool guy.

but i didn't expect to be as enamoured and completely blown away as i was for the first time in my life, by one single movie -that wasn't a superhero adaption or cartoon-. what was it that was as thrilling and stunning about skyfall? i just felt like it looked and sounded so good when compared to most of the stuff i watched back then.

almost 10 years later, i realized prepubescent maik wasn't wrong at all. this movie freaking slaps and is an absolute masterpiece of the genre.

to start off, it successfully modernizes the character of james bond and his mythos, introducing him to a new generation while deconstructing the myth and turning him into a man, delving into his origins, his past, and the emotional and physical toll of the events of the past movies. craig's 007 has become one of my favorite action heroes in the span of just 3 movies. that's how endearing he is.

that while also having an amazing script that explores domestic terrorism, the obsolescence of espionage in today's world and having an incredibly menacing, machiavellian villain played by javier bardem who delivers threats and one-liners with equal personality and skill.

the movie also balances drama and comedy flawlessly, being a tidbit more goofy than the previous bond films, having him throw quips and playing on how absurd the concept of superspies is, but simultaneously having a dark plot and tremendously personal stakes.

and don't let me get started on the cinematography. it's the absolute highlight of this film and what truly makes it an amazing experience. by the hand of roger deakins, skyfall's look is classy and slick, grounded but beautiful. a true work of art that enhances the already great qualities of the film, and make it feel complete. it's perfect. every performance, line of dialogue and musical cue is perfectly set.

the music, editing, title sequence, the new characters, and impressive setpieces are just the icing of the cake. hands down 10/10. i can't describe how much joy and excitement this one brought me. guess it's my new favorite action flick. and i can't wait to watch the two that are left.

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