Malignant ★★★★

Idk if I can truly give this a perfect score, especially with how it could still be markedly better if it were shorter and had more setpieces, but this is still so unfathomably good and exactly the movie I've been desperately waiting for these studio losers to start making again. Wan is a great hero for being the one to FINALLY make them do it. Reddit-grade poseurs have been trying to make their terrible le 70s/80s epic homage parody movie for the last decade and they're all terrible and le random and designed to garner some sort of aesthetic nostalgia for the idea of what craaazy movies and visuals at the time were like. Finally, we get a REAL movie made by a REAL guy that explicitly understands what REAL fans of that era of absurd genre movies want. A high concept splatter movie with style, camp, gore, vibes, and an awesome progression. People who have watched like, two Argento movies will see red neon and call this a modern giallo or something and despite the fact that its undeniably and delectably gialli inspired with traditional flairs (black gloves!! epic weapon!! womanly angst!! etc) this is absolutely not a giallo and people are silly for saying so and showing that they don't know what they're talking about. There's so much here though and even after seeing it twice I've got so many bouncing thoughts I have no idea how to put them all down in any cohesive way. I do also want to mention how much I adore that while this is absolutely not some bullshit le metaphorical ascended horror about grief or something the light themes that the ending gets to mention make me so happy and truly this is maximalist feminist cinema. What a remarkably rousing ending that actually somehow got mist in my eyes this time. :))

Also I love the rare opportunities to watch movies set in Seattle/(insert your home city here) in theaters because on top of everything else fun or cool about the movie using the setting you get to hear everyone in the theater simultaneously, excitedly whisper to eachother over a drone shot of the Space Needle lol

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