Skyfall ★★★★★

Unfortunately I think I might truly adore this movie and it's very entirely possible there is significant nostalgia but in watching this again today, fully expecting to find it serviceable or mid, was constantly shocked by how impressive every moment is and it truly makes one wonder how someone like Sam Mendes could manage to direct something this strong. Unreal choreography and staging with the obviously flawless camera work make every piece of action exceptional. Everything else is more subjective but I think it's so fucking good through and through and maybe my only issue is thay despite the criticisms of the intelligence machine and patriotic espionage and the men it creates and etc, it has its big grand moment of how important mi6 and the cia and etc are to stop the scary, unpredictable people.

This was prob the first movie I'd ever seen more than once in a theater and was one of my first blurays and the first time I ever tried to listen to a commentary track lol. Never saw another bond movie until spectre and then never saw another one until this week (other than watching half of doctor no but accidentally never finishing it lol)

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