The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge ★★★

I need to rewatch these movies and I'd maybe appreciate them a bit more now as the stupidly blunt but admirably focused political exploitation they are. Obviously the core of these films being the angry, malevolent, and prideful beating heart of white ruling class Americana is strong and clear from the start, but the multilayered and relentless pounding of the messages are so abundant and tactless that it's lovely and almost respectable. Like I'm not gonna say the Purge Film Franchise distributed by Blumhouse worth $ 500m has "Perfect Politics" but it's at least swinging from the right angle. Despite part of the draw being "damn what would u do in the purge would u lose ur humanity" these aren't some misanthropic "human nature" exposes. Violence is explicitly enacted by privileged people looking to vent their bigoted anger against the others that keep them down or whatever. It's the violence hiding behind American imperialism, exceptionalism, and capitalism. This is why it's so great in "the first purge" no one is killing or being evil or even taking advantage of a period of no laws. Low income people on staten sland have more humanity than the bigwigs and etc who explicitly send in bad faith actors to get the desired, violent, results, and chaos ensues. The sympathy for the little people in these is paramount to them not becoming "THE DARK SIDE OF HUMAN NATURE" slashers.

In this one its taken to such an adorable extreme where the troublemakers are explicitly the most racist, xenophobic, white supremacist trash possible and are wielding their anger at being so low on the class ladder at The Unamerican instead of their actual oppressors, as the sheriff from Halloween 2018 even explicitly monologues to the camera about lmao. It's pathetically overt moralizing about something fundamentally correct, and it kind of gives it this genuineness of attack, however silly it may be. This series ostensibly started as Suburban Panic about the monsters among us, where the richest among us might not be safe in their ivory castles and isn't that scary and now concludes (??????) as maybe the most gung-ho anti-american movie viewable in a theater? A movie that ends with people sneaking across the border to Mexico for a better life.

The filmmaking here is serviceable to nice as well, occasionally some well shot action even. Coming off of Black Widow, it's legitimately insane how much more this looks like, is shot like, and edited like a movie than that. There's even an actual one take that covers some impressive distance, scale, and complexity (for a movie like this lol) for actual cinematic gain. This is kind of a modern version of terrible apocalyptic gang movies filmed in desert towns or sets and probably made in Italy, it reaches some genuinely startling levels of chaotic conflict in dark swaths of night, at the end. Almost (absolutely not quite, but kinda sorta almost) to Carpenter levels of black void canvas.

This is not great at all but such delightfully modest and silly modern exploitation with its heart in the right place (even when it still falls into lame ass thematic pitfalls). Even when they're not good I have to be so glad Blumhouse gives shit like this money so we're not living in corporate cinematic hell. Please watch this instead of Black Widow lol.

Loved when the first "forever purger" we see in the movie goes "its the forever purge!!" With delivery that makes him sound like he's asking "huh? did you see the title of the movie???"

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